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T_10001 Save Thousands on Late Model Pre-Auction Dealer Inventory

Sale Starts July 13, 2018
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We want to make it easy for you to buy a car, so we have a "Love It or Leave It" policy.

  • In other words, if you come and drive one of our cars, you don't have to buy the car if you don't love it.
  • How you save buying from us: You'll be buying the car at the wholesale price before it goes to our dealer only auction.
  • You can drive the car 5 miles.
  • Remember - it is only for sale for a limited time.
  • Dealers will buy at wholesale at the auction and then mark it up on their car lot.
  • So buy it early and save !!!

T_10002 Classic Cars and Chrome Auction

Beginning Friday July 13, 2018 - New Vehicles posted weekly!
See our featured classic cars for sale in our online auction.

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions and register for this auction
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